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Hello everyone!

I’m using kobo as a field tool while monitoring reptile and amphibian populations. In the monitoring scheme I’m doing at the moment, I have to visit different monitoring points and count how many animals of each species I can observe.

I made a kobo form to collect this data. In broad terms, it goes like this:

Date → Monitoring point → Start time → Species → Number of individuals of that species → Time of observation → Location (gps) of observation

I’d like to know if there is a way to structure the form so that, for `Monitoring Point A, I can gather multiple entries (for multiple species) without having to finish the form and then fill it once again.

For instance, after filling the details for a given observation, is there a way to return to the species question without having to fill the information regarding the date, monitoring point and starting time.

Can anyone help?

Hi @joaolemoslima and welcome to the community.

This looks like something that can be achieved through repeated groups of questions. Check out this support article - Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups — KoboToolbox documentation

You can essentially have all the information you don’t want to repeat first or even last and then while at that location have questions that keep coming to record the species by grouping them and then using the repeat function.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much, that was exaclty what I was looking for!


@surveyorjr, :bowing_man:

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