If i have a dropdown list how to make on of the choice selected by default?

Hello all
if i have a dropdown list consist of three choices … Choice1, Choice2 and choice three
i what choice3 to be choose when the form is loaded ,

Hello @kobokurd,

If you are using KoBo’s own form builder, you can choose the Settings button near the question, and write the value of your answer as default.

And if you are using excel to create forms, you can add a column labeled “default”.

You can find detailed explanation in here: Using the Question Options — KoBoToolbox documentation

Take care.

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thank you for the reply,
do you mean to write the same value inise the Default Response , as shown in the screenshot?

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Indeed @kobokurd,

Make sure you use the “XML Value” not the “Label”

Please note that the XML Values are on the right side of your choices, instead of space between words, there are underscores.

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you mean in the default responses filed i have to use the xml value right?

@kobokurd Exactly :slight_smile:

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thankyou for your support.


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i have checked the xml values, they were set to automatic i only changed the one which i want to become to be the default, i have changed to choice3 and in the default response i have put choice3
but when i preview the form… the default value is “none selected”
any idea please?

Hi @kobokurd,

Can you provide a screenshot shows the answers with both their labes and xml values can be seen?

Let’s take a look to that.

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Hello @kobokurd;

Can you use UNHCR_Tents for the Default Response?

Let’s see if that solves the issue.

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yes, that’s worked fine … thank you very much


@kobokurd Glad to help you with your problem.

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this helps a lot Hakan. Thank you

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