Image not seen in survey form

Hi, I am getting the same lack of image display when trying to embed an image into choices. The line in the choices sheet is
species mpasa MPASA Opsaridum_microlepsis_sm.png
the column is labeled media::image and the image is uploaded. I am using kobotoolbox on Windows and when I open the form to check data entry I do not see the image. I use Open to open the form in a new tab in Firefox. I tried in Chrome also.

Hi @bobbowen
Welcome back to the community forum. Could you send a screenshot of the XLS on the choices sheet so that we have a look at it? Also please ensure you review this discussion here and see if it addresses the issue first.

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this is the image of the choices sheet specifying the image file. The image file is loaded in the media on the form

Hi @bobbowen,

Would you mind sharing with us the image file too. In the same time would you also mind sharing with us a screenshot of your data collection screen that is not showing you the image as requried.

Here is the screenshot of the form:

this is the file that is referenced and uploaded to media

OK, so far so good! So would you also mind sharing with us a screenshot of the SETTINGS>Media so that we could have a look at your image file that is being uploaded to the survey project.

the file is P_microlepsis_sm.jpg and is 330 pixels wide by 166 pixels high and 65kb in size

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A screenshot would best provide us a clue to better understand your issue.

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As a simple workaround would you mind trying to change your jpg filename to microlepsis i.e. removing the _ that is currently there in the name. Kindly please let us know what happens!

That worked!
changing the name to remove the underscores allows the image to be seen in the choice list on the form.


Thank you for confirming!