Image not showing in question

Hi, I have the same issue. However, I am using a local server. The image shows both in Preview and through Android App collection. However, it does not show in through regular online form collection format. Can anyone help me please? Thanks

(new users aren’t allowed to upload more than 1 pic, so this a screenshot of all pics relevant to my question)

Welcome to the community, @mentarisuharto! Have you gone through the support article? It should solve your issue:

Hey! Thanks for replying. I have checked the dimensions and everything that’s mentioned in that article. My problem is that the image doesn’t show through the regular form collecting link.

The file name is correct. The dimensions are small. The file type is supported. It shows up in KoboCollect but nowhere else.

Does this have anything to do with the fact that I’m using a local server?

I don’t think so. But could you try the same survey project in one of the publicly hosted server to see if the issue is seen there too?