Image not shown on edit of draft (after save) in Enketo (KoBoToolbox)


Image is lost (not show) when editing/opening a saved draft in Enketo (locally)


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Upload and deploy the form
  2. Open the form with Enketo, select an answer and save it as draft: The image is shown
  3. Re-open the saved draft - the image is LOST (no more shown)

Expected behavior

Image should show up, also on re-edit

Actual behavior



After save draft, re-editing

Additional details

Firefox 96.0.2 (64 bits), but same problem with Chrome (FRENCH settings, see below)
Laptop with MS 10

But after another action, like save or submit the image will re-appear


Same problem when using Android smartphone (Firefox or Chrome). Android 11. UI One 3.1 Galaxy A32.

There is no problem when editing submitted cases on the server.

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@wroos, could you provide more details on this (what was it that you did at this phase):

Dear @Kal_Lam,
See last two screenshots, please. If you click on save as draft, the image reappears in the background. Or go on with “charger l’enregistrement” (next one).

Sorry, I reset the tag: It is not edit submission, but edit draft. I hope you agree.

Hi @wroos, I apologize for not responding sooner. I have confirmed the bug and will write up an issue about it — just to clarify, the issue is with media included as part of the form such as an image displayed with a note question and not for uploaded media as part of the data collection.


@wroos you can track the issue here :ok_hand:

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