Image size limited to 1024 x 768 and under 5MB - how to change?

I cannot seem to change to limit from 5MB to 10MB as is suggested in many responses on this forum. Also, all the uploaded images are 1024 x 768, despite me having a ‘0’ in the ‘Parameters:max-pixels’ column.
Screenshot 2023-06-18 173211

Any help would be great!
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Welcome to the community, @Frog! I can see it’s <10 MB at my end. FYR …

Maybe try changing your browser to see how it behaves?

To change the image size limitation of 1024 x 768 and under 5MB, you would typically need to modify the settings or restrictions within the system or application you’re using to handle images. The process for changing these limitations can vary depending on the specific platform or software you’re working with. Here are a few general steps you can follow:

  1. Identify the system or application: Determine where the image size limitation is enforced. Is it on a website, content management system (CMS), image editing software, or another platform?
  2. Check documentation or settings: Consult the documentation or settings of the system or application to see if there are built-in options to modify the image size limitation. Look for specific sections or preferences related to image uploads, file size, or dimensions.
  3. Edit configuration files: In some cases, the image size limitation may be defined in configuration files. If you have access to these files, locate and modify the relevant settings. Be cautious when editing configuration files and ensure you have a backup in case any changes cause issues.
  4. Customize code or scripts: If you’re working with a custom-built system or application, you may need to modify the underlying code or scripts that handle image uploads and processing. Locate the relevant sections of the code and adjust the parameters that define the image size limitation.
  5. Seek professional assistance: If you’re unsure about making changes yourself or if the system is complex, consider consulting with a developer, system administrator, or the support team associated with the platform or software. They can provide guidance or make the necessary changes for you.

Remember to consider the reasons behind the image size limitation. It may be in place to optimize performance, storage, or compatibility with the system or application. Changing the limitations without proper consideration can have unintended consequences. Always test and ensure that any modifications you make do not negatively impact the intended functionality or user experience.