Images not seen when editing a submission

Hello, I have a error when i try to preview submission from web, I was thinking It’s could be the name of files large and specials chart???, what can I do to retrive the submission with its pictures.

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Hi @etrejosm
It would be helpful if you translated the error message you see on those questions. In addition, could you kindly confirm the following:

  • Was this data collected using Webforms or Collect application?
  • Can you trace the image from the original collecting device?
  • Does this appear for all entries you try to edit or we do have some that work?


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Hello Mr Stephanbealoo

The message error says: Couldn´t find file " file name.jpg" ( don´t modified it if you send it and you want keep it ,

It was using webforms, the image were send by email to the computer and the user rename the file using large name, all 4 entries has the same trouble


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Hi @etrejosm, this is most likely related to this Enketo issue that should be resolved in a future release:

You should notice that if the submitted image does not contain spaces in the name, it loads as expected.

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Hi Josh,
Thank you

This caused the trouble, Is there a way to retrieve the link of file?, maybe rename it. or I should send the submission again?.


Great! You can see all your linked files for submissions by navigating here:


You can also download all the submitted media files through the downloads section in the UI. The work-around would unfortunately be to download the file, remove spaces from the name and re-upload. If you have many submissions you can automate this through the API, but it won’t be straightforward.

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Thanks you, for you help.

I appreciate so much your support.

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