Images or Pictures Appear Tilted When Uploaded

Good day all, How do i ensure that images upload to kobotoolbox gallery v are correctly oriented .
All my images are tilted, why? How do ensure correct orientation.

Am using kobo humanitarian server.

Thank you

@chiabotu, could you share the screenshot of the tilted image? Please also share the image you wish to appear. Maybe these details should help us provide you with a workaround.

@Kal_Lam , Thank you for quick response, i have managed to resolve the issue, by downloading the latest update of kobocollectv2023.1.2 app from playstore.
However, there is a challenge, the pictures are not in passport size, the orientation is correct, but the picture are rather bigger.
i have set the appearance textbox to 1024px
Please, i need an urgent fix to this