Implement several skip logic patterns depending on Choices selected

I have skip logic I want to achieve with the following questions:

Q1 Age
Q2 Gender
Q3 Choose one of the options
• Choice 1
• Choice 2
• Choice 3
• Choice 4
End of the Form

Desired skip logic when answering Q3:
If Choice 1 is selected, then answer Q4 and Q5 and skip to the End of the Form
If Choice 2 is selected, jump to Q6 and answer all subsequent questions up to the End of the Form
If Choice 3 is selected, jump and show only Q7 and after answering Q7, jump to the End of the Form
If Choice 4 is selected, jump to the End of the Form.

My hurdle is to implement the desired skip logic when Choice 3 is selected.

Welcome to the community, @smuyinda! You should be able to handle this by following the post discussed previously:

Please note you could add as many grouping questions as needed to achieve this.