Import data from XLS?

Is it possible to import an XLS/any other file with data for one of my forms? I need to manually enter a good number of records and can’t think of a better way.



I need to do the same, I have about 600 records that I have to upload to my form in kobo to edit and keep collecting. But I don’t know how to import them, you don’t have that option. That is a weakness that they should have already solved. You could do it?

Hi @Steve_DiPangrazio, @ddiazsiempro,

For details, please see the discussion that has happened in the past:

I have changed the discussion to New Features Request.


does not answer the query, much less says if they will implement it or not

Hi @ddiazsiempro,

Would you mind having a look at the workaround outlined by @tinok. It should solve your issue:

Have a great day!

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