Import data into a form?

As a newbie to Kobo, Can I ask is it possible in Kobo to create a Customer Data Form to capture the Customer Data (Name address Phone etc) and then import that customer data into another form (Service Report)

Example:- I want to create a Service Report for my Gas Services to my regular customers. In order that I do not have to enter the same Customer information every time I go there (Name, address, phone etc) I would like to have their information saved so that when I start a new service report I can import their Customer information direct into the new service report form and then fill the rest of the Service report form in with data off the Gas appliance / service.

I hope this make sense, if it does, pointers on how to do it would be appreciated.

Hi @Nitramtessorg,

Welcome to the community! You could do the same using the pull data functionality as outlined in the support article here.

Additionally, you could also have a look at an example at the community discussion that has happened in the past:

For more pull data examples discussed in the community please visit here.


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Hi Kal, Thank you for your response however it sounds as if we are merging two inputs into one form which would be fine for a small numbers of forms, What we need is for the form to access a separate database to pull the data and as far as I can see this is not possible as yet.

Hi @Nitramtessorg,
I think you’re correct here. Kobo isn’t really capable of supporting the two-way communication with a server database, it essentially is a one-way data flow - you collect the data and send it to the server. You can’t then access that data via another form.

The pull-data function would work for you only through manual means, whereby you take all the data that was submitted with form #1, put it back into the form design of form #2 and re-deployed form #2 with the new list of customers in it, for example.

If this is what you’re really after, and you don’t want the manual workaround, you might have to look into different software.
ODK-X could help: (that’s still opensource)
Dharma, pretty sure it allows this: (that’s a paid product)

But let me know if you’re still searching for a solution, or if you think pull-data could work.