Import to Excel Power Query

Ok I have a weird one I have no idea how to get around.

When I want to get the data from my online form through power query (.xlsx format .xls also) it gives me the 1 (1 picture) error but the column can be seen in power query editor (picture 2).

Also if I download form directly from the page as in XLS file everything works. As I am trying to make an automatic reporting system for our organization that is really problematic.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Is this the root of the problem? And how can I remedy that without creating a new questionnaire?3 import problem

Could you share with me the API URL, your username and the project name through a private message. Maybe i could have a look at it.

Well it seems that you did not make your data public. I made it public and then checked and it worked for me at my end.

FYI, I made your data public (SETTINGS>Sharing):

Image 1

Then i was able to pull your data without any error message in the Excel Power Query:

Great I will try it myself soon and get back to you soon.