Importing my data

Hello everyone, i hope you’re all doing great!
i just recently started using kobotoolbox and so far i’ve had a great experience. recently i’ve been tasked with merging 2 projects databases, i’ve tried the import option in the settings where you can link 2 projects together but it didn’t work, i’ve also tried to download the data from both of them, merge what i can, then try to import the xlsform file, i created the survey sheet but every time i try to upload it i get an error that says the question type “select_one” is not recognized, i double checked on the website, i asked chatgpt and perplexity ai but to no avail, i got this issue before with the “text” type but it seems it was just written wrong and it worked once i changed all of the to the correct word. i would very much appreciate it if someone could give me an insight on what is wrong.
thank you for taking the time to read this.

Hi @Abdelouali and welcome to the community!

Can you validate your form in here to see if there are any syntax issues:

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i submitted my file and got this:
Error: [row : 2] Question or group with no name.

@Abdelouali can you show a screenshot of this error?


@Abdelouali, did you mean you wish to merge the dataset from two different projects (within the KoboTooblox system)?

yes, if possible, otherwise i went with the option where i merge them both in an excel file first then try to import it, by the way i was able to import my xls file “succesfully”, the questions have been identified correctly rather than getting errors like before (the columns in my survey sheet weren’t positionned correctly, i just had to adjust the order), however it seems only the questions were imported, the data wasn’t. is it possible to import the data directly?
Thank you.

There is probably the list name missing. The correct syntax is: select_one listname