Importing table into Kobocollect and linking to an existing form

I want to import data in either csv or xls from a googlesheet into KoboToolbox. I’ve already setup a form to collect new data but want to add any (new data) to uploaded googlesheet data. Is this possible or should I convert the googlesheet to xml to import. There are a lot of suggestions in the forum but I’m not sure which is the easiest.

Welcome to the community, @ShapZ261! Our team is currently working on a Python script to upload XLS data to the KoboToolbox server. I will let you know once it’s final and ready for sharing.

Thanks Kal_Lam that would be great… Last query…Is it possible to edit/import table entries (from a csv) into an existing deployed KoboToolbox table. I am starting a new form and want to include the data from an old ODK google spreadsheet now it’s no longer supported in ODK.

@ShapZ261, could you kindly share a sample of what you mean here? Maybe we could then help you answer your query.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z AA AB AC AD AE AF AG AH AI AJ AK AL AM
data-location_repeat-date_time data-location_repeat-aspect data-location_repeat-geopoint data-location_repeat-geopoint-altitude data-location_repeat-geopoint-accuracy data-location_repeat-slope data-location_repeat-weather data-location_repeat-peat_softness data-location_repeat-surface_wetness data-location_repeat-grazing data-location_repeat-evidence data-location_repeat-evidence_other data-location_repeat-vegetation data-location_repeat-percentage data-location_repeat-percentage1 data-location_repeat-percentage2 data-location_repeat-percentage3 data-location_repeat-percentage4 data-location_repeat-percentage5 data-location_repeat-percentage6 data-location_repeat-percentage7 data-location_repeat-percentage8 data-location_repeat-eope data-location_repeat-bare_peat data-location_repeat-bare_mineral_soil data-location_repeat-Q1 data-location_repeat-Q2 data-location_repeat-Q3 data-location_repeat-check1 data-location_repeat-check2 data-location_repeat-check_note1 data-location_repeat-check_note2 data-location_repeat-colour data-location_repeat-gully_present data-location_repeat-gully_width data-location_repeat-take_photo data-location_repeat-start_another_survey PARENT_KEY KEY
16/11/21 13:49 north_east 51.9607141,-3.130462 812.01394947734 3.9 gentle dry firm dry sheep, horses droppings rush, heather, grass_not_molinia, cotton_grass, sedges six_to_ten_percent twenty_one_to_fifty_percent one_to_five_percent six_to_ten_percent six_to_ten_percent zero_percent zero_percent zero_percent 27 70 30 127 42.333333333333336 25-50 no /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ - Google Drive uuid:d413e50a-0c5b-42f4-b159-f38b0b9934c8 uuid:d413e50a-0c5b-42f4-b159-f38b0b9934c8/location_repeat[8]
16/11/21 13:34 east 51.9614658,-3.1304013 804.470043125083 3.96 gentle dry firm dry sheep, horses droppings rush, heather, sedges, cotton_grass, grass_not_molinia one_to_five_percent twenty_one_to_fifty_percent one_to_five_percent six_to_ten_percent one_to_five_percent zero_percent one_to_five_percent zero_percent 39 57 41 137 45.666666666666664 25-50 no /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ - Google Drive uuid:d413e50a-0c5b-42f4-b159-f38b0b9934c8 uuid:d413e50a-0c5b-42f4-b159-f38b0b9934c8/location_repeat[7]
16/11/21 13:14 east 51.9614782,-3.1318144 806.444130073436 3.966 gentle dry firm dry sheep droppings heather, sedges, grass_not_molinia, cotton_grass, rush six_to_ten_percent twenty_one_to_fifty_percent eleven_to_twenty_percent one_to_five_percent one_to_five_percent one_to_five_percent one_to_five_percent zero_percent 85 54 77 216 72 50-75 no /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ - Google Drive uuid:d413e50a-0c5b-42f4-b159-f38b0b9934c8 uuid:d413e50a-0c5b-42f4-b159-f38b0b9934c8/location_repeat[6]
16/11/21 11:55 north_east 51.96064,-3.1317544 804.840063340607 3.92 gentle dry firm dry sheep, horses droppings sedges, rush, heather, grass_not_molinia, molinia, cotton_grass, sphagnum, hares_tail_cotton_grass, bare_ground one_to_five_percent eleven_to_twenty_percent twenty_one_to_fifty_percent one_to_five_percent one_to_five_percent one_to_five_percent eleven_to_twenty_percent one_to_five_percent one_to_five_percent one_to_five_percent one_to_five_percent 130 120 120 370 123.33333333333333 100 plus twenty_percent 56 /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ - Google Drive uuid:d413e50a-0c5b-42f4-b159-f38b0b9934c8 uuid:d413e50a-0c5b-42f4-b159-f38b0b9934c8/location_repeat[5]

OK, so this is the data you wish to upload to KoboToolbox. Fine till here. And did you mean you wish to edit this through KoboToolbox when it’s on the server?

No… I want to add this data (the old google spreadsheet attached with some 700 entries) to data already being collected in Kobo…kind of copy/paste into new kobo table. It’s all from the same form too…no changes between google spreadsheet and new kobo form.

@ShapZ261, sorry, as copy-pasting is not allowed within the system. You will need to use the Python script.