Impossible to save some questions in the library

Hello, I am currently using KoboToolBox in the context of the impact evaluation of a program, and I am wondering why I cannot save in the library some of the questions I have written in a form. Here is a picture of my screen.

It is a bit frustrating because these questions include long list of answers, quite annoying to write.

Furthermore, I also met a problem when I duplicated those questions. Indeed, when i duplicated the question more than two times I could not access anymore to the parameters of my question. Which was problematic because all these questions included different skip logic. When I left clicked to get access to the parameters, my screen was locked. I just did not understand why I could not get this access.

If someone has any answers, it would be great,
Thanks by advance,

Hi @anatolebsf,

Welcome to the community! Please see the step by step support guide on how to use the Question Library.

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Hi Kal, thanks !

But there is still something strange here, I can’t save my question in the Library. As you can see on the picture I sent in my previous message, the icon dedicated to this task is not present for my questions. I even wrote this question in my library and then tried to import it in my form from the library to understand what happened and I got that :

But that is okay, I downloaded my form in XLS and if i have to use this type of question again, I will use the XLS file.
The step by step guide does not help much with this problem to be perfectly honest.

best regards

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Hi @anatolebsf,

Would you also mind using some other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox etc. Those browsers should be more handy!

thanks for your answers, really appreciate it
I have tried Firefox and Chrome, but I have the same problem on both browsers. Maybe it is linked to the skip logic I use or the number of answers, I don’t know.
But not a big deal to be honest, as it works when I download it in XLS

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If you have any clue on why I could not change the parameters of the second copy of the question, it would be great to give my colleagues feedback on the use of Kobotool Box.

The reason I am asking those questions is that I will have to produce a document in French on my experience on KoboToolBox for my fellow colleagues. Could help me but also them in the future if I get some information on this kind of problems

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Aah! Seems like a syntax error. Would you mind downloading your survey forms in xlsform and then validate it in

You should be able to trace down the error! GOOD LUCK!

Thank you very much, it seems to be the problem !
Great tool to understand in details how the xls syntax works.
Will help for the future

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