Impossible to update a CSV media file


In the new version of the website, when already having file OneFile.csv in the media section of a form, if I want to update it by uploading a new version of the same file, the web app crashes and displays a message with HTTP 500 error, then advising to click on a link to the new version of the site. That link actually leads to the old version, where the same procedure to upload the media file fails too anyway.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. In a deployed form, go in “Parameters” tab, “Media” section.
  2. Upload a CSV file
  3. Modify the file on your computer and try to upload it again to update the uploaded one.

Expected behavior

Some confirmation message saying “Your file has successfully been updated” (or maybe a prior warning like “Do you want to overwrite the existing ‘OneFile.csv’?”)

Actual behavior

Crash, HTTP 500 error with misleading pointer provided.

Additional details

This may be linked to the fact that since yesterday’s update of the website, newly uploaded CSVs seem to not be actually linked to the form, leading to error messages and misbehaviours in Enketo.

BTW: thanks for the graphical layout update, the new version is really great and is a great relief for my eyes.

Hi @freedim,

Is this something what you see while trying to upload a csv file:

If you happen to see something other than this, would you mind sharing a screenshot here so that we could have a closer look at your issue.

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam

Yes, this is it!

Hi @freedim,

Thank you for flagging this out! Have informed our developers. Please be updated that though this issue has already been fixed it should however take some time to be released as the KoBoCAT version is still under heavy refactoring.

Have a great day!