Improve the "Collect Data" section of the "Form" tab

The “Collect Data” section of the “Form” tab is confusing to many users. Because it is a dropdown, they believe that they are selecting which method to use to collect data. It would be preferable to have all this information (the six different methods) listed one after the other.

The whole section could be collapsible, as it is not needed very often after a deployment starts.

I’d be happy to share a potential UI design if there are assets available for Sketch.

Hi again :slight_smile:

I went ahead and designed what I had in mind. See below the UI for two options:

  1. A “hide all” view where all of the “Collect data” methods are completely collapsed; expanding (by clicking the “SHOW” button on the right hand) shows the details of all of them
  2. A “minimal” view of all methods; the user can expand whichever they are interested in, using the arrow button on the left of each method

I like option 2 better because it shows some information to the user, just not too much. Another option would be to show all methods all the time, with no collapsing/expanding, but it’s a lot of information to show on one screen by default.

1. Hide all - Collapsed

Hide all - Expanded

2. Minimal - Collapsed

Minimal - Expanded