Improve xls form

Is there a more elegant way of creating this form?
Kobo Questionaire.xlsx (85.4 KB)
As you will see, I have many groups_repeat questions that need to be generated after looking at select_multiple conditions. And the questions are generated for each one of them. To add that all is encapsulated in major event. As you will see, the questions are similar, but the locations are changing.
Thanks in Advance.

@Godinho, maybe you will also need to elaborate your issue here so that the community is also aware on in and would help you out if it’s possible through KoboToolbox.

Hello @Kal_Lam, sure let me elaborate it.
I want to collect information about a certain event. And I want to collect disaggregated data for 2 layers of administrative information.
Ex: A disaster event that affects a country and I want to collect disaggregated information for how it has impacted several districts of a province or several districts that belong to several districts.
The way the for is right now I created a group_repeat to collect all the events that happened in a specific year. Inside this group_repeat I created several group_repeat, each one identifying which districts have been affected for a specific province. The group_repeat is triggered by a list of select_multiple questions. The questions for each province are similar, the only problem is that I can’t find a way to automate the questionnaire to use the same set of questions but change it for all districts selected for all the provinces selected. Thats what I am looking for. Hope this clarifies my request. See the form for more details on the structure.

This is what I was able to come up with. I reduced from 800+ lines to less than 200 lines. while capturing the same information and reducing the number of tabs produced by the dataset from kobo from 20 to only 4.
Hope that this file helps those who in the future might encounter the same challenge.
Kobo Questionaire - SandBox.xlsx (63.6 KB)