In cascading select, I have an reply option "N/A" that needs to be visible for all the choice filters

I have a list of state, townships and villages and they are all sorted with choice filter for cascading selects, but I want to add a reply option “N/A” that is possible to select always ( for all the states and townships)

@arteseflorinda, you should be able to do it as outlined in this post discussed previously:

Sorry but I don’t understand your reply. N/A is not guided from conditions, but it should be visible always, as not part of the choice filter replies.

Hi. Maybe my option is right for you. I think you are describing the same problem I had.

Sorry, but I am not able to follow your advice. I need an option “N/A” that it is visible always.

As I have more than 9000 village, village tract, etc. options I cannot include N/A for all the filter choices.

See the screenshots:

@arteseflorinda, @Vlad_Dn’s approach will let you achieve what you are looking for.

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I cannot add “Canada France USA” in the “filter” columns in choices sheet as I have more than 9000 villages, village tracts, etc.

Is it the only solution?

@arteseflorinda, well before @Vlad_Dn’s approach the concensus was Kal’s approach (adding the required answer to each cascading selection and allowing choice duplicates)

As a workaround, do you think adding a simple yes / no question before your township, ward, village tract and village questions? So you can create relevant conditions for those levels, and ask the information afterwards?

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Dear all,
At the end we removed the true in “required” and decided to leave it empty if N/A.

Thank you all for kind support!