In-person Kobo training β€” Kathmandu, Nepal

Hello Kobo community,

Some of our team will be in Kathmandu, Nepal in November 2022 and would like to
invite humanitarian organizations operating within the area for an in-person
training and support session. If you or an organization you know of may be
interested in attending, please reach out to us at with the
following details:

  • Organization name and description of humanitarian work;
  • Range of dates that work for you and your team; and
  • An estimated number of attendees

We look forward to hearing from you!


Ramesh Pradhan
Mark Data Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Kathmandu Nepal

@rameshpradhan, are you still available and interested for this training? Kindly please also let us know the total number of interested candidates willing to participate.

Hi Kallam,

Thank you very much for your info.

We are 2 employees partipating the training…

Thanks and Regards
Ramesh Pradhan

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Missed this opportunity, just came to know about the training.

@amritshakya, we have not had this training yet. Feel free to let us know if you/your organization/group are still interested. We could plan if we have an adequate number of participants.

Sure, we are very much interested for the training. Please do let us know about the dates and timings.

@amritshakya, what is the tentative number of participants/groups you have ready for this training?

4 to 7 staff from our organization.

Great, we will email you to fix a training date.

sure, many thanks

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@amritshakya, or could you also reach us (for the training) at so we can document all your requests? Thank you in advance!