Inactive accounts and project ownership transfers

Hi team, i was reading back in November in another post that you were working on a facility to transfer ownership of a project to another account. Just wondering if there are any updates on that?
Related to this is the recent newsletter and update on terms email i got - where it says inactive accounts (not accessed for 2years ) will be deleted. Just wondering - if an account that holds the project is inactive but that project is accessed by other users who share the project, does that render the account inactive?
we have the case where an intern created a project in his own account - then shared it entirely with us so we can do everything we need with it currently. He went back to university and did other unrelated surveys. I would like the ownership of the projects that he created for us, but let him keep his own work… Especially if, in the future his account ceases to be active and then is deleted - what happens to the forms there?
Thanks for clarifying!
hoping that transferring projects will be available soon - as that would solve our problem!

I just realised you’ve made it possible to transfer project ownership! Well done!!
Also made it possible to delete access to projects that others have shared to us if we no longer want to work on that project.
the one question remains (although this is now not such an issue with the ability to transfer project ownership) - what if an account that owns a project, but that account not accessed by the owner - however a project they own is still being accessed (new submissions, downloads, edits to forms etc.) by others to whom it has been shared -is that account still deemed “active”.

@tabas, a user should at least login to his/her account for the account to be active.

thanks for the reply. so we should endeavor to keep accounts active by the owner and ensure that they have transferred ownership if they leave/email closes.

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@tabas, yes! At least login to the account in a certain time interval.