"Include all versions" is ticked off on export settings, but the data from the oldest version is not in the XLS export


I have a kobo form which has been altered quite substantially over time. We are now at the 19th version. I’ve worked with the data in PowerBI through an API. Even though some parts of the oldest script has been deleted in the newest version, I have had no problem viewing the data up until now, as I’ve ticked off the “include fields from all 19 versions”. Suddenly, on the 15th of february, Power BI couldn’t refresh my data and when I downloaded an XLS of the data directly from Kobo, the data from the oldest version wasn’t there, even though I ticked the “include fields from all 19 versions”. I’ve checked the API page, and it’s fetching the data via an URL from the 15th of February. I have made no downloads of the data from kobo on the 15th of February, so it can’t be a change in export settings that has caused it. Do you have an idea of what could be the reason? I hope you can help me retrieve my data.

Moreover, I would also like a general recommendation on how to delete fields from a script as part of ongoing program adaptations. More specifically in cases, where I would like to keep the data from old versions, but need to delete and add a number of fields to capture data from a project as it is looking right now. Would you recommend that I solve it with a filter instead of deleting? And if you recommend a filter, then how do I avoid that the script becomes overcrowded with “deactivated” fields over time.


Welcome to the community, @impactandevidence! Are you able to get the data when you download it in XLS format?