Include select one Responses Inside Another Question

Me again! Hello, After my questionnaire I built something like a report of the information inserted on top, I need it, because we use this information to socialize the activities that we are gathering, so… when I try to pull the select one answers into this note cell, I get the name of the choices and not the label, for socialization purposes I need the label, what can I do in my xls form to reference the label and not the name.


jr:choice-name( choice_name , ‘select_question’ )
Returns the label value, in the active language, associated with the choice_name in the list of choices for the select_question.

I attach an example (for a single select, including “Other” option).
CropLabels.xlsx (11.7 KB)
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Thank you! I just found it and it worked, I was coming to delete this topic!

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