Incomplete data downloading

Hi Kal_Lam. Sorry for the late reply.
At the time I was at something like version 60 (60 redeployments).
The submissions were only coming from the 2 latest versions though.

@ali_p, if you add questions and then redeploy in the middle of the survey (when you are receiving data), you may find some information missing for the recently added question. For e.g. say you are collecting data for a project, say Project A. You now have around 20 submissions for Project A. You intend to add a question now. So you add fruit question and then redeploy. Your team, if has the latest survey link, will be able to collect the response for the newly added question (fruit). But, if your team is still with the older version of the question, he/she will be missing the new question. So, in this case, your team may be missing to collect the data for the new question.

In another case, even if your team fills up the latest version of the question and submits the submission to the server for this new question, you will have the information for this new question only from the point where the enumerators have started collecting the data for this question. All the other submissions will be blank for this previously submitted question.

So, maybe you will need to figure out the gap that you/your team might have missed.

@Kal_Lam I understand what you’re saying about missing info for the new questions. The problem I have is that I am missing info in the exported/ downloaded table (xlsx) even though the info was submitted. I can see the info when I view the data in Data > Table, but it doesn’t show up in the downloaded table.

It is still blank in .xls form but whole data visible in .csv

I get remain data from .csv downloading

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@ali_p, could you also share a screenshot (of the missing part and the available part)? Have you tried out as advised by @zelishmekh downloading your data as the legacy format to see if it’s there?

okay. i will share the screenshot. i am outside of city now.

@Kal_Lam yes, I have tried downloading my data in the legacy format. The data was still missing. I can’t share a screenshot (anymore) as I have deleted the data to start from scratch. In the meantime I will be more careful when it comes to redeploying during the data collection phase.

When I am downloading the data, some columns are coming blank in the downloaded file, whereas when viewing it online, data is filled in all the columns. I am a new user & i cant attach the excel

I have the same problem as @Rohitggn.

Attached report in xls highlighting in yellow the cells and columns without information.