Incomplete data in the report and in the Excel file


We deployed 300 questionnaires and the data collection is now over.
The questionnaire was divided into three sections. I downloaded the Excel file and I looked at the general report to see the results, but the second section is completely missing: the questions aren’t displayed nor the answers.

What could be the problem? Is it possible to solve it or do we need to open each questionnaire to see the answers for that section?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Welcome to the community, @ElePan! If the second section was from a repeat group the data will be stored in a different sheet as outlined in our previous post:

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Thanks a lot @Kal_Lam! I found the second sheet.
How is it possible to see those data also in the general report and in the “Data > Table” section on the Kobo?
Thanks again!

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Hi @ElePan,

You can see the data in your repeat groups in the Table view.

Right now, it is not implemented in the general report.

All the best,