Index-repeated iteration for multiple_select questions


Kindly help me solve this,

I want to develop a questionnaire aimed at asking farmers which crops they have grown last year (select_multiple question). Then, I want to know which varieties they used for each crop selected above (another select_multiple question). Finally I want to know details about each varieties they grown. I tried to develop an xlsform (I can’t attach the form as a new user). The form is ok if a farmer selects one crop and one variety for that specific crop. However, when two crops are selected, the choices for the varieties disappear. Besides, when more than a variety is selected, the varieties name will appear merged in the subsequent questions instead of appearing separately. Would it be possible to solve this, Thanks in advance!!!

Hello @markosethio,
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With the search function you may find related discussions and examples in this forum, e.g.

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Hi wroos,

I thank you for your swift response. I have seen the links & I had had also a look at other important links before I try to prepare my xlsform. However, my questions are a bit different from the questions in the links: three multiple select questions two of them should be repeated based on the response based on previous response (crop, variety of crop, detail about each variety). My form works well if in case one crop and one variety is selected. I could have made my enqury more clear If I am able to atach my xlsform. Thanks in advance!

Hi @markosethio,

You should now be able to upload your xlsform to the community! But for this, you will need to refresh your page first.


Hear attached with kindly find the xlsform I tried. Thanks in advance!

trial.xlsx (12.0 KB)

Hello @markosethio,
Just a quick reply. I think your last repeat group (land usage) could be inside the previous repeat group (variety). You want the different land usage questions for each variety, as far as I understood…

If you want to keep your flow, the last repeat (land usage) would need to be done on 2 levels (crops, varity).

Hi @wroos,
Thank you for your suggestion. I put the last repeat group in side the previous one. However, the two problems are still not solved.
Thanks in advance!

Hello @markosethio,
Here is a version which seems to work. Check it, please.
trial02.xlsx (13.0 KB)
I also fixed a few other issues, with language columns. I am afraid KoBo doesn’t allow ::language option for default. Please, check this and reply.
You may always check your forms with

(Working a solution, I have encountered some update problems in KoBo form behavior).
You can also find an example in the help article (at the bottom).

You may also check the data export for analysis, based on the repeats.
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Hello @wroos,
Thank you so much!
This perfectly solved my problem. I thank you also for the additional corrections on the form. As you indicated the ::language is not working for the default column, I tried it with Amharic language. Kindly inform me if there is a solution for this, undertaking the survey in Amharic will make the data collection easier. Thanks in advance!

I was looking on how to handle repeat iteration from multiple response and I came across this solution, but this code ( when tryin to generate it keeps giving me this error " * Request to failed." here attached image

Please can anyone assist from from there

Sorry, late reply.
You can put the Amharic in the normal default. So, it will always show the Amharic value (for any language choice). You could also combine English and Amharic in one string.

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