Cascade with multiple choice

Hi everyone,

I am building a form but can not solve the following issue.

Everyone gets the question if they measure the drains (y/n), if yes a new box appears with the followup choice which drain they did measure (1,2,3). They can select multiple choices. with every choice they make a new box appears with the options to enter the date of recording, drain height and some notes.

Can anyone help me building this form?



Hi @pieter,

Would you be able to upload a sample questionnaire which portrays your issue in a pictorial form so that the community would be able to support you.


Hi @Kal_Lam

Thanks for your response! I narrowed the problem down to the following.

The ‘problem’ is with multiple drains that one farmer can measure. Sometimes he did measure one sometimes two. (1 and 2 in example). But if one box is selected (first image) the followup questions will appear properly, but if both boxes are selected (second image) the questions will not appear. This makes sense because the condition is ${drain_measurements_001} = ‘yes1’ and ${drain_id_001} = ‘dr_2’

Is it possible that both boxes can be selected and for both boxes the questions appear?



If interested in the xml file see below.

Hi @pieter,

Have you tried the repeat group. It should solve your issue. Would you mind having a look at the community discussions that has happened in the past here. Additionally, you could also have a look at the support article here.


Hi @Kal_Lam,

Thanks for your response.
Yes I thought of it, but in that case the ‘farmer’ has to fill in the name of the drain every time. I wanted to make it simple for them, so that they could select they drain that they a have measured.
There has to be a way that this is possible. Now the ‘skip logic’ code is

${drain_measurements_001} = ‘yes1’ and ${drain_id_001} = ‘dr_2’

It has to be possible that the code can be extended by or (${drain_id_001} = ‘dr_1’ and ${drain_id_001} = ‘dr_2’) or something.


I worked my way around it, Instead of making it a ‘select multiple’ question. I made ‘multiple select’ one options, It is not the most sophisticated option, but it works fine. drain

If you know a better solution please let me know. For now thanks for your help!

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Hi @pieter,

You are right, there is a way to do exactly what you asked!

Where you’ve written the relevancy:
${drain_measurements_001} = ‘yes1’ and ${drain_id_001} = ‘dr_1’

Try this instead:
${drain_measurements_001} = ‘yes1’ and selected(${drain_id_001}, ‘dr_1’)

And where you’ve used this relevancy:
${drain_measurements_001} = ‘yes1’ and ${drain_id_001} = ‘dr_2’

Try this instead:
${drain_measurements_001} = ‘yes1’ and selected(${drain_id_001}, ‘dr_2’)

Hope that helps! Let me know,


Hi @janna,

Thanks a lot for this solution! It works perfect!