Inquiry Regarding Data Loss After New Update

Dear Kobo Support Team,
I am writing to seek assistance regarding a recent update on the Kobo platform.

Upon logging into my account, I received a notification about a new version being updated. Unfortunately, I am concerned about the status of my saved drafts and surveys. The message did not provide clear information about data migration or preservation during the update process.

Could you please confirm whether all the data, particularly my saved drafts, is still accessible after the update? If there have been changes, I would appreciate any guidance on how to retrieve or locate my existing data.

@Nour, submissions or projects should not go missing from the account itself unless and until you delete them manually. Could you kindly provide more details of the data missing you are trying to refer to?

Thank you Kal.
The thing is that these were not submitted yet, they we still in the draft. But I didn’t delete any of them.

@Nour, if the data is still stored in some of the folders in the app, then you could extract your data by following the instructions as outlined in this post discussed previously: