Insert line breaks into text for 'Note' question type using form builder

I’m trying to insert line breaks into notes for a survey that will be deployed on the web. I see there’s been some previous questions on this but I can’t find a working answer. I’ve tried putting ‘\n’ where I want to have a line break but this doesn’t seem to work and I just have the \n in the text when the form is displayed, not the line break. Has anyone cracked this?

Welcome to the community @coil! You could simply do this by pressing the ALT+Enter Key in your xlsform where you need a line break.

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

Image 1

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

Image 2

Reference xlsform:

Line break in note question type.xlsx (9.5 KB)

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I can insert line breaks to kobotoolbox from web version? And how?

Welcome back to the community, @estatistics! Maybe you will need to try using ALT+ENTER. This may however vary based on your operating system.

In web version? I use chrome in linux environment. I tried such combination, nothing happened. Otherwise? /p? /b? Are not used? I tried them but text was not formatted as expected with line breaks.

Our community could chime in and share their experience which should help you solve the issue.

Hi @estatistics
If you need to structure your notes in a way that there are line breaks, you should consider doing this differently. You can add several note questions in a group and then set the group to have a filed-list apperance to it.


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Hello @Stephanealoo, I did just that, thanks.

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