Inserting links for other forms into a main form


I’m new to Kobo; I’m working on a form and need to build a main form where I can enter three links to other forms that the person can select based on the answers on the main form.

Is this possible? I’ve been looking and can’t find a way to do it.

I’ll aprecciate a solution!!!

Welcome to the community, @ingarciahn! Could you kindly explain your issue with an example if possible so that the community could better understand and respond to your query?

We would be more interested to learn more on three links you have mentioned in your query.

Well, I have a main form called “Medical History” in which the physician will interview the patient and then, depending on the patient’s results, it is necessary to use at least one of these other three forms: “Depression Scale”, “Anxiety Scale” or “Hopelessness Scale”. The idea is to build a single form for each scale; but to include the links/url for each form in the main one allowing to select any one and redirecting to the selected form.

Is this possible? Sorry for my English.

Maybe why would you not create a single survey project for all these components and skip group if needed according to the need. Would this be OK for your need? If, yes, we have a workaround for this.

The idea was to have different databases for each test; but I will try your solution. Thanks

Hi @ingarciahn
What you are looking for is a relational database capability. As it is the current structure of KoBoToolbox does not allow for a relational database. As @Kal_Lam had noted, your best option would be to create one form that has different sections that are skipped based on a predetermined skip question. To design a form as an alternative to relational database need, you also need to consider different aspects:

  1. Will all three data points (“Depression Scale”, “Anxiety Scale” or “Hopelessness Scale”) be collected at the same time for the same respondent?
  2. Will the post-processed and post-analyzed using other third-party applications?

If your answer is Yes to both or either of the two, consider designing the form as one.


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Thank you very much for your responses!

Como entiendo su ejemplo, lo ideal seria hacer dentro de su primer formulario los grupos de preguntas de acuerdo a sus tres formularios. específicos.

Grupo de preguntas “Escala de depresión”

Grupo de preguntas “Ansiedad Escala ”

Grupo de preguntas “Escala de desesperanza ”

Y para que pueda acceder a contestar el grupo de preguntas especifico debería de existir una pregunta o varias preguntas que contengan una lógica de omisión.

Ya para finalizar, al descargar su archivo xls puede filtrar los datos según lo requiera.


Añadiendo lógica de salto

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Hola de nuevo

Aquí hay otra posible respuesta a su pregunta.

Agregar enlaces o hipervínculos

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