Instability problems on KOBOTOOLBOX

I have a problem with my KOBO installation.
The kobotcat and enketo links can crash several times a day.
The containers are started but the services are not available.

Each time I have to restart the kobocat and/or kpi containers to get them to work, and this has an impact on users.

Do you have any ideas about the problem?
Could it be an application overload?
To be precise, the CPU and RAM are used at less than 15%.
CPU: 32
RAM: 32 GB

Thanks in advance!

Hello, @coulibaly080635
which version are you running on?
What’s the work load vs the server resources especially at peak hrs?
You mentioned CPU and RAM are used at less than 15% (How long have you monitored)

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Hello @stephenoduor ,
this my version : commit: ef97f93

I have the statistics for more than a year but I never have a problem with resources.

thank you very much!

Yesterday, after changing the “/proc/sys/net/core/somaxconn” parameter from 128 to 4096, I haven’t had a problem so far,

But I don’t know if this action will solve the problem permanently.

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Seems you haven’t upgraded since November 2021 , You are very much behind, At some point you will have to upgrade in order to have updated and stable kobotoolbox instance, This would be the long term solution

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OK, thank you.

To upgrade kobo, I just need to do this command : ./ --update ?

No, you’ll have to do various database updates as well because your version is quite old. @stephenoduor should be able to help you with them if you need it.

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I would be delighted to help you(@stephenoduor , @ks_1 )

Unfortunately no, because its older than November 2022 released version You will have to follow the upgrade instruction in link below , See section that I have sent you screenshot of GitHub - kobotoolbox/kobo-install: A command-line installer for setting up and running KoboToolbox on a remote server or local computer, using kobo-docker.

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@stephenoduor, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: