Install Kobo on Ubuntu Server 20.04

Hello guys,

Please can you help to solve this issue about a kobo install on my own server. I start using github repository to install but always i have this message in the end of my configuration

KoBoToolbox has not started yet. This is can be normal with low CPU/RAM computers.

How i can solve this issue ?

i spend around two weeks with this message.

Hello, please someone can help me ?

When you see that message, press Ctrl+C. Then type sudo docker ps and see if the containers are up.

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Hello @ks_1 ,

Thank you for your answer. This is a result after i type docker ps command in my terminal.

You can see all the containers are up to running. What do you thing about it ?

Best regards,

Your site should be accessible, are you facing any issues?

Edit: The certbot container doesn’t seem to be up, is that the full list? Did you face any issues during certificate installation?

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Yes it’s full list and also i didn’t use https because i don’t have a SSL certificate.

But when i start a browser and type this adress : serverIP:8080 i can’t seen anything.

You don’t need a certificate beforehand, the certbot will create one for you.

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okay. So all it’s right ? If your answer is yes but why i can’t seen the administration page.