Install Kobo Toolbox on Server, please help!

hi i am in need for help installing kobo on my workstation?
if you could please guide me through

We have two different support articles for this (maybe it could help you solve your issue):

Installing KoBoToolbox on a Local Computer

Installing KoBoToolbox on Your Own Servers

the installation on my work station goes fine with no error, however, when I open the URL generated kf.kobo.local
it does not open in the browser…

erorr in firfox “We can’t connect to the server at www.kf.kobo.local.”

I don’t know what is the problem?

Hello @farah,
I guess, the url is http://kf.kobo.local and not http://www.kf.kobo.local.

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Hi @nolive
same issue, still not working after adjusting the url

@farah, you need to provide more information than that.
Provide the logs, show us what your respond to questions in kobo-install (please do not share your credentials).
Are you trying to access http://kf.kobo.local from another computer than the one you run kobo-install?

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