Installing KoBoToolbox with LAN Server

I want to install KoBoToolbox so it can be accessed with using local network (using local ip network). I don’t need to install reverse proxy because it will be accessed from phone by local network using wifi. I have seen Installing KoBoToolbox on Your Own Servers — KoBoToolbox documentation but I still don’t understand how to install it locally. I also need to access the PostgreSQL database by using local ip network. How can I do that? Pardon me, I am still newbie with this KoBoToolbox.

It always says “Wait for another 600 seconds?”. Please give some advice.

Logs show this.

@hermanmaraden ,Are you using Ubuntu server or VM on windows server

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Thank you for your reply. I am using Ubuntu server 18.04. Not VM.

I have the same issue exactly. Commented to follow