Installing problem (KoBoCollect android app)

I have Samsung tablet, and i cannot install kobocollect.
(Samsung galaxy tab E 9.6-T560)

Could you kindly explain in detail the issue you are facing while installing KoBoCollect android app in your device. Did you not see the app in your play store?

No. I cant see the app in play store. I tried to download the APK, but it keeps telling me that i can’t install kobo.
Then at the end i tried to search on an old version of kobo and it works finally. Thanks

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Thank you for confirming! Maybe as a reference you could also use an appropriate version of the KoBoCollect android app that is suitable with the OS of your android app from the following link. However, please be informed that we always advise users to use the latest version of the Collect android app as the same is bug free.

Thanks a lot for supporting.
I have only one comment. I have been using kobo for almost two years, and i couldn’t find a way to install Kobocollect App on OS phones. Always it tells me that this App is for android only.

Yes, please be informed that KoBoCollect android app is supported only with android device. You could still use KoBoToolbox in other devices (other than android operating systems) by using Enketo aka web forms. For details, you could also have a look at our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

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Thank you very much :cherry_blossom:

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