Integrate Authentication in Kobo with an ExpressJS app

Hi all - I’m looking for suggestions on how to integrate an existing NodeJS (express) app with Kobo. We have user authentication with NodeJS using Oauth with Google, Microsoft, etc and would like to somehow authenticate users with Kobo. We would like to avoid having users required to log in with multiple usernames/passwords etc and would like to keep our existing authentication mechanisms.

The way I see it, I have a couple of options (potentially):

  • Put Kobo behind a private firewall, and use a proxy (with authentication) to access it (seems doable, but I’m curious if anyone has done this)
  • Generate Kobo api tokens and somehow navigate the user to enketo with a token so they don’t have to sign in


Hi @roemhildtg
Thanks for your query. We have had some previous discussions that happened on the forum which you can see below

In addition, the article further references a documentation Github



Great! Thanks for the resources, I will take a look.


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