Integrate Kobo with Application via Iframe and API

Hi Kobo,

We are a startup building a new application and would like to make use of Kobo/Enketo’s FormBuilder within our app.

We have done some initial development work and although there is references online to this approach being possible we are not sure this is the case.

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See ref^

It appears that X-Frame-Options are always turned to DENY from Kobo and therefore the Formbuilder itself would not be possible to integrate. We could create forms in our own UI and then post these to Kobo.

In Enketo’s own API these options are available:

Could someone clarify if there has been recent changes to the Kobo Iframe options - or provide any advice on how / whether it is possible to integrate the form builder within our existing application?



I assume that after looking at this in more detail that is not functionality that is offered via the API and the Iframe would be a bit of a ‘hack’ per se.

Does Kobo offer any way to access a version of its’ FormBuilder - potentially by deploying our own version of Kobo on our server and then linking into our application that way.

Any advice appreciated



I would like to specifically answer the following component:

You can definitely install your own version of Kobo on your server. We however do not provide support for integration with your own application.



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