Internal Server Error (500) randomly returns in Power Query for different forms

Hello everyone

As an NGO, we use KoBo Toolbox in all countries where we work (8 in total) to collect information on our project indicators. We have developed an excel file, which uses power queries to pull in the data from different forms and combine them together for all countries.

Up until a month ago, this worked very well. However, recently the excel document has been running into problems updating the data.

For random forms, we get this error: “datasource.error: web.contents failed to get contents from (URL) (500): internal server error

If we refresh the document, the error persists to return, but always for other forms (so it is not one form that is having an issue; sometimes a form is updated and another time it shows the error).

I have already tried to reset the permissions.
I have scanned the KoBo community forum, but couldn’t find a solution.

Does anyone know what this could be? Or any other troubleshooting that I can try?

Many thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community, @jfw! Could you also let the community know the server you are using? Is this an issue with only a single project, or is it an issue with other dummy projects? Besides, are you the admin of the project, or is it a project that has been shared with you? All these details should help the community to troubleshoot your issue.

Hi! Thanks for the quick reaction. Below some more details

  • Server: kobo.humanitarianresponse
  • We have around 60 projects for which we are the admin.
  • Each project contains a form with currently no more than 5 entries per form.
  • All these projects are pulled into a Power Query via de API URLs.
  • The problem arises when the queries are refreshed.

However, the error does not come back for each project each time. When it is refreshed again, sometimes it does work and sometimes it doesn’t. Even if we refresh the queries individually.

Hope that helps to get a picture?