Internet explorer deploy bugs

Dear all,

I have a bug in in the way Internet explorer deploys an second language Enketo multiple grid question matrix.

The form deploys good in all Mozzilla Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge but in Explorer the second language deploys a form without the boxes of the multiple selection quesitons.

The client is quite old fashioned and insists many respondents will be using Explorer. Is there any way out? I attach a screenshot of the explorer bug

Hi @j_delaconcha,

Welcome to the community! We would always advise users to use browsers like Chrome or Mozilla while using KoBoToolbox. Many users have reported similar issues while using browsers viz. the internet explorer.

Have a great day!

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Thank you very much for the swift response. I understand therefore no actions or fixes are possible to make it run in the microsoft environment ¿?

Wish you all a very good Friday and weekend