Introduction of non-English language characters


I would like a field to enter a phone number, a space, then any text: 380000000000 comment
I use this way: regex(.,‘[0-9]{12}[А-я]$’)

However, I am not using Russian, but Ukrainian, and I need to enter 1-2 letters that are different from Russian. I read your instructions for the regex function, but I still haven’t figured out how I can include the letter i in the range A-я. I also tried to add the range A-z, but the questionnaire senses that the letter i is written in a non-English layout, and does not allow such text.

Hi @soeungi,

I’m not an expert in cryllic but I found these which you can try to see if they solve your issue:

Both Ukranian and Russian: [А-ЯҐЄІЇ]
Adding Belarisian: [А-ЯҐЄІЇЎ]
Ukranian: [А-ЩЬЮЯҐЄІЇ] or [А-ЩЬЮЯҐЄІЇа-щьюяґєії]

Can you try these and share the results with us, so future community members can use these too?

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It was so easy… Thank you. I hadn’t even thought of that option.
I used the 1st option + changed it a bit to fit my request


@hakan_cetinkaya, :bowing_man:

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