Invalid data_type: select_one village_code

Dear respective friends,

Hi everyone, am developing a survey form which has a cascading question, the choices are excel file. but when i try to run it am getting that error. any solution?. attached are the

Hi @sockea and welcome to the community!

Can you also share the screenshot of your cascade select question choices?

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Dear my friends,

Thank you for your quick respond.

Dear my fri,

Please see my survey sheet.

@sockea Can you share the village and village_code parts? According to your first screenshot, there can be a problem here.

Also did you validate your XLS form? It’s always a good practice to validate it.

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Dear My fri,

I found the solution , Thank you for your quick respond my fri.

Thank you .


Can you also share the solution? So people with same problem can benefit from it?

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Dear my fri,

Regarding to your advices i try to check the the cascade with the question choice and with the helpful tool that you share ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x ( can help me to identify my issue.
Thank you.

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@sockea, @hakan_cetinkaya :clap: :heart: :partying_face: