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I want the Kobocollect app for Android to have free navigation and the telephone company is asking me for the IP and domains where the KoBo services are hosted.

Does anyone know that information?

Welcome to the community, @chcampos05! I didn’t quite understand your concern …

Could you kindly explain it so that we understand it better?

I have downloaded the KoboCollect application to my Android, but I want that the use of this application does not consume my data plan. For this reason, I spoken with the telephone company (DIGICEL), so that my application has free access for data transmission and they ask me:

The IP and the domains where the KoBo services are hosted to allow browsing without charge of the application”

@chcampos05, kindly please be informed that using the KoBoCollect android app should not charge you with additional costs. It is just an app used to collect, store, and then sync the collected data with the server. The only time you should require an internet connection is when pulling your blank survey forms to your device and also when uploading the filled-up forms back to the server. Else you should not require an internet connection while collecting data. Besides, you could always use your device’s WiFi to pull the blank forms to your device and to upload/sync your collected forms back to the server.

For details, you could also look at our support article Collecting Data with KoBoCollect on Android. I hope I was able to answer your query.

@Kal_Lam Thank you very much for your help.

But in the event that I need to send the forms at the time they are filled out, it does generate a charge for the data transmission. That charge is the one that I need the telephone operator (DIGICEL) cancel me and for this they have asked me for the information that I tell him.

Hi @chcampos05
Welcome to the community forum. The request you have is quite unique as it is; having a free submission of data using KoBoCollect. This is also a more localized issue in terms of your country. Could you specifically indicate why the telecommunication company requires that information? As it is, the only information we can provide is the URL which you already have access to.

I must emphasize that this is the first-ever time we are having such a request. I would suggest that if the telephone company insists, then one approach would be to install Kobo on your own servers.


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ok, I’ll talk with the phone company. Thank you very much for you help.

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