Is it possible to display several questions at once that is related to a particular topic?

I would like respondents to see several questions at once concering a topic. So if the questions are about topic 1, they should see all questions at once concerning this topic. Is this possible in Kobo?

@alexine11, please be informed that I have split your issue into a different post to manage the issues in the forum systematically.

Regarding your issue, kindly please be informed that this is possible. You should be able to find more through our support article Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups. A simple workaround discussed previously should also help you better understand how you solve your issue:

Is there also a way whereby respondents see several questions at once, whereby the first “question” is posed as a statement rather than a question to inform about the purpose of the research. It’s not really an informed consent since the respondents do not have to agree, they just have to read it and can then proceed answering the questions.

Thank you again!

@alexine11, I have shifted your issue here to make the issues systematic. Could you kindly elaborate your issue here?

Thank you very much, This page Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups — KoBoToolbox documentation was very helpful!


You may also benefit from studying more of the documentation, for example question types like note (or read-only text) and acknowledge or using hint for the initial survey text.

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