Is it possible to duplicate a block of questions?

I have a set of questions with skip patterns that needs to be repeated multiple times but with changes to one word for each set of questions. I have used the function of creating a block of questions that can be duplicated but I don’t see how to change a couple of words with each question set in that function. I don’t want to have to duplicate single questions and then rearrange the survey and redo the skip patterns but I don’t see how to duplicate a group of questions where a couple of words are different. Does anyone know how to do this?
Thanks so much!

Welcome to the community, @mstoeltje! Maybe you will also need to provide more details to this so that the community should also be able to understand it and respond to your query.

Ok thanks! We created a survey with a question that was designed to be more a matrix question. So it asks for each of a set of services, when the respondent felt they needed these services. Because Kobo’s mobile app doesn’t support matrices, we had to break this up into multiple questions asking about each specific service. For each of these questions on services received (there are 14 in all), we need an additional 11 questions asking about whether they received those services, why not, etc., all of which also have skip patterns depending on how the respondent answers. If there is not a way to duplicate an entire set of these questions so that i can duplicate and then just change the service for each question, I will need to make 154 questions and redo all of the skip patterns for each one. The function to repeat a block doesn’t work because it makes all the questions exactly the same. I had to do this for a different survey because I couldn’t figure it out and it took forever and Kobo started getting glitchy when duplicating so many individual questions so I wanted to see if there was another option.


As a workaround; maybe you can download your form in XLS format, and copy, paste, change the skip logics in Excel?

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