Is it possible to edit a submission at the community level where the data is entered and at the central where the data is managed?

Good morning,

Please excuse my extreme ignorance. I am very new to Kobo. I am a doctor working in rural Zimbabwe and I am in charge of the Covid rapid response team for my hospital. We are desperate to engage the community as best we can and in the most effective way. I’m very interested to know how other users are benefiting from this great open-source platform to do spot-mapping and follow up of cases, especially in rural communities. We have a great team of village-based volunteers who could be trained up to assist.

Specifically, I am interested to know how easy it would be to edit a particular form, for example of a suspect in the community, who subsequent to the form being submitted at community level, then tests positive and the form needs updating as such. Is this possible at both the community level and at the central monitoring level?

I hope I have not been too vague and I certainly intend to bring myself up to speed as quickly as possible with the Kobo software.


Hi @Jonathan,

Kindly please be informed that KoBoToolbox has a feature where you could edit a filled up form either in the field or in the central level (where the data is managed).

But first, you will need to know how data are collected in KoBoToolbox. There are 2 ways how data can be collected for KoBoToolbox viz. KoBoCollect android app and Enketo aka web-form. If your enumerators are collecting data in the community through KoBoCollect android app they are able to edit the form as much time as possible before sending them to the KoBoToolbox server however once they have submitted the same to the KoBoToolbox server they are unable to edit the same from the KoBoCollect android app. They will need to login to your KoBoToolbox account if they wish to make corrections. Second is the Enketo. With Enketo users are not able to edit the form once it has been saved and submitted. As said before the user should login to your user account if they wish to make corrections or edits.

If you feel like sharing the project permissions to your team stationed in the community, you are always able to share. Doing so, you need not share your user credentials with your team. They can login to your project through their own user accounts. If you wish to learn more on how to share a project, please follow our support article Managing permissions. It should provide you a step by step guide on how to manage permissions.

Talking about editing the submissions in the central level (it’s always possible). Kindly please follow the instructions outlined in the support article How to edit or delete a single submission. It should guide you how to edit submissions at the central level.

Have a great day!