Is it possible to eliminate the final message of the submitted form presented by ENKETO?

Hi everybody,
We are using KoBoToolbox forms to collect hummingbird banding data in the field. The form works great! We are wondering if there is a possibility to avoid the final message of the submitted form presented by ENKETO, so we don’t have to click OK each time we submit a record.
Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the community, @gabysamaniego! Could you let us know the message you are referring to? Maybe you could also share a screenshot of the same.

Thanks for your fast response!
After we submit each record this is the message we see.

Is there any way to avoid the message?
Thanks again!

@gabysamaniego, this is a normal message you should see while collecting data with Enketo. To learn more on the same, please feel free to see our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

Hi @gabysamaniego

It is not possible to remove the message; you probably have to adjust to that one click.


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I thought so; I have no problem with the extra click, but some of our users wondered if it was possible to remove it. Thanks for your responses! We love using the electronic form!


I used to have the same feeling but always reminded myself that a single click was better than a whole paper-based data collection system.


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I agree completely :slight_smile:

@gabysamaniego, maybe if you do not want to see this message you could use the Online-Only (multiple submissions) or Online-Only (single submission) or the Online-only (once per respondent) as outlined in the support article Collecting Data through Web Forms. But please be informed that these are the options that are suitable only when the enumerator/respondent is online.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for us because we are taking data in the field, and most of the time, we don’t have internet access. Users need to get used to the extra clicks :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your responses!

Hi Stephane,
I have one more question. There is a new message that interferes with the data entry when a member of our team uses the Enketo form on her tablet. Is there any way to deactivate informational messages? I am attaching a photo of the message.


@gabysamaniego, this is a message created by the system which states that you have successfully submitted 107 submissions. And you are not able to deactivate this message.