Is it possible to export data into separate sheets for all groups?

Suppose my project contains 5 groups of questions. I want to export these 5 groups in 5 separate sheets. Is it possible to do so?

Hello @tamal and welcome to the community.

Can you tell us what do you mean by “seperate sheets”, so the community help you better?

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Thank you for your response. By separate sheet, I mean it could separate Excel files or separate worksheets within an Excel file. My main objective is to segregate the data by groups so that a large questionnaire/project can be easily handled during analysis. So, if I can export it in separate Excel files/separate worksheets, that might be helpful to deal with. Does that make sense?

Hi @tamal,

I’m not sure if it can be done during data downloading process in KoBo, but you can find some VBA codes for excel to do so.

I’m sure someone from community will give you a direct answer. Or a workaround.


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Thank you for bringing this to the community @tamal! Maybe we could explore the option to integrate this into our system.