Is it possible to get questions from form according version form?

Hello! Iam using the API, but I have a problem with form data from different versions. Actually the API get back the all questions from the latest form deployed, but in my case, is necesary to get questions from a particular version of form…is it possible?

Thanks a lot!

Welcome to the community, @aecdrianc! Could you share the API you are using to get the latest form version so that the community could add to get the specific version you wish?

Thanks @Kal_Lam for reply!, Iam using /api/v2/assets/ to get info about certain asset id, for example, in my case: “aanM3dJsEBwMztHj3sD82z”

But the problem is related with the asset contains two deployed versions (both with data), so, when access the data from the asset, it give me the form questions from the latest deployed version, I cant access the questions from other versions of the same assets.


Hey @Kal_Lam I can access the versions of an asset through by:
using token of the account “aecdrianc”.


But when I try access the asset:
using the token of account “acuello”, its me give 0 result:


In the account “acuello” there are 5 forms with versions and data.

Could you help me? I dont understand whats occurring!

Thanks a lot!!