Is it possible to merge data from different projects/forms in power BI?

I have created six forms /projects to collect data . I want to create one report out of them. Is it possible to merge /join data collected using different forms /projects/instruments i.e. separate questionnaires .

Form 1 : Register cattle owners/breeders
Form 2 : Register individual animals
Form 3 : collect data about artificial insemination
Form 4 : collect data about pregnancy after insemination
Form 5 : collect data about calving
Form 6 : collect data about milk production on monthly basis

I want to use power BI to see performance of data collectors on monthly basis. For each data collector, how many farmers were registered, how many insemination services her provided and so on. I use dynamic attachments and used indexes for events to followup data collection

@tariqabbas, that should be supported. I just tried connecting multiple survey projects with Excel Power Query and it worked. So the same should also work with Power BI.

Thanks , did you used merge queries ?

If you are able to load data as a query and have a matching variable that too should be possible.