Is it possible to not show empty cells in the table data when opening a entry?

Seeking guidance on data being shown on table data when cell is empty. The previous version would only include cells with information within them. Any information would be greatly appreciated?

Welcome to the community @olaf_ras! Did you get this page as follows:

  • Open project.
  • Then went to DATA>Table.
  • Identified the case for printing.
  • Then pressed the eye like preview button.

Greetings Kal,

Thanks for the reply. Yes that was the workflow completed.
I have had earlier table submissions that don’t include empty cells?

Hi @olaf_ras
Does it mean that this very form could do what you wanted prior to 2020 or it was a different form?

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@stephanealoo Yes this was the same form I just put the change down to version upgrade as the fonts changed also.

HI @olaf_ras
Just to be clear, had you ever tried to hide the empty cells/questions before and it worked for you before?


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In an older version of KPI, the instance viewer showed only the questions with values in them. In the latest version, it now shows everything.

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